Cruisin' Around

Most of the days this month have been miserable to say the least, but occasionally the sun managed to come through!

And since my last working day was 22 January, I had enough time to make good use of that little bit of sunshine!

First I went for a Sunday walk with my sister across the muddy trail called the Lambertszkade between two lakes: the Loenderveense Plassen and the Wijde Blik.

The lake view was very peaceful indeed.

Along the way we couldn't help noticing this incredibly overgrown boat.

We continued our walk to the little town of Vreeland where we passed an old ruined house which featured this unusual cramp-iron.

Nice view of the old Van Leer bridge.

A few ducks swimming by...

Perhaps the smallest house in the Netherlands? Makes one wonder about its interior!

This massive piece of fungus was growing on a tree trunk.

A few days later I climbed on my father's old bicycle and cycled across the Dwarsdijk, Tienhoven.

As usual I passed the Trouwe Wachter windmill (*).

Here and there was a tiny layer of ice visible.

A few others were cycling there as well...

And that's how I try to spend my last few days in the Netherlands!


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