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Cruisin' 'round Ayutthaya

One of Thailand's ancient capitals, Ayutthaya, is on most visitors' itineraries, usually on a day trip by coach or minivan, visit a few of the most well-known ruins, have lunch, and move on, done, another tick on their bucket list...

My old friend Frans wanted to do it differently, so we took a slow train from Hualamphong Railway Station. (*)

Regular 2nd class with fans and open windows, a great authentic way of traveling local style!

We ignored the tuk-tuk drivers offering their services upon arrival and walked towards the river.

We boarded a ferry for a few baht to cross to the other side.

After dumping the little luggage we had at a hotel, we rented some shitty bikes and set off to explore some of the more off-the-beaten-track temple ruins.

One of those was Wat Khudeedao.

We saw only a few other people there.

Wat Maheyong has elephant-headed statues, similar to some Sukhothai temples.

All of them are badly damaged though.

Buddha statues inside a hall at Wat Sika Samud.

And outside as well.

Wat Ratchaburana is in the center of town and well-known, but not that many tourists either.

The views from the highest temple level were excellent.

Chicken legs display at the Hua Ro fresh market.

Part of the market is in a semi-circular-shaped building.

The followin we took a boat ride around Ayutthaya.

We stopped at some temples including Wat Phutthaisawan where I couldn't help noticing these massive incense sticks.

Mowing the temple grounds.

The reclining Buddha in new robes.


Boat view of Wat Chaiwatthanaram.

We passed a few tugboats.

Back in town, we noticed a lot of tour buses in front of Chantharakasem National Museum.

Several groups of students were visiting the museum as well.

Typical Ayutthaya street sign decoration.

River view from Pom Phet Fortress.

Good question!

Frans likes his cashew nuts from local shops.

A mirror selfie at Chantharakasem National Museum...

Mid-afternoon I said goodbye to Frans and took a local minivan back to Nonthaburi, all in all a very satisfying trip!

Later Frans would take a night train back to Chiang Mai.


Despite all the news about the imminent closure of this station, it will remain functional for quite a few more years.


In the past, I also visited the Million Toy Museum, highly recommended and good fun.

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