Cycling Around Tha Chin River

Earlier my bike buddy Dave had rented a car, loaded up his Brompton, picked me and my Dahon up, and drove us to Don Wai Floating Market (*).

Here we sat down at a riverside restaurant for a bite and admired the birds and boats passing by.

Cycling along 'Highway' 3316 wasn't that great, still plenty of traffic for a relatively countryside back road...

However we spotted a signboard promoting an oddly shaped restaurant(?) which looked kind of promising.

Getting off the 'highway' the cycling immediately became more relaxed and the countryside more rural.

Chata Thammachart looks like 2 wizard hats plonked down in the middle of a rice field!

Some chickens happily walked all around...

I requested a waitress to take a shot of us enjoying coffee and cakes.

The inside of the wizard's hat.

This cool place only opened a few months ago! (**)

It is a very fancy coffee shop which unfortunately closes too early for sunsets...

Back on the 'highway' I had to stop for this funky old Isuzu truck, first time I've seen such a truck pimped up with Michelin puppets ands headlights!

Further on we bumped into this colorful Thai version of 'see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing'.

Less colorful but still odd!

View from one of the bridges across Tha Chin River.

Dave took this shot of me while cruising around.

This looked so weird!

We ended the day at a new coffee shop in my area: Green Thyme Cafe (***)

Just leisurely cycling with plenty of stops.

(*) Don Wai is one of the better 'floating' markets, although most of it land based. In future I might feature it in a separate post.



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