Day 14

Here we are on the last full day of my asq hotel experience, one more night and then checking out at 7 AM.

That television I tried only once, but very limited choice, so I stuck to watching things on my old laptop instead, better.

View from my balcony, two fellow inmates make more use of theirs...

Some leaking problems caused by the air-conditioning...

Sign of the times: Hazmat housemaids

After receiving my first negative test results I was given a yellow badge of honor, after the second I got this green one!

Going down by lift to the ground-floor where 3 choices are available...

I will file a complaint, according to their 'Booking sheet' I still have a yellow badge!

The wheels on the bus go round and round.., now I know how zoo animals must feel...

Artistic impression of yours truly slowly but steadily going bonkers.

Hmmmm, the room is quite comfy, food not bad, room service alright, perhaps I should book a few nights more?

Oh no, it's the dreaded Samut Prakhan Syndrome, get me out of here!!!

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