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Do It Yourself Christmas

This Christmas was very different in many ways of course.

We decided to celebrate it in our own way, just a nice lunch together with some presents and (dreadful, but fun) poems.

However to make it a bit more fun, we decided that the presents should be self-made!

We had a quick ‘lottery’ and I ended up with my sister, Lanny.

Lanny is a very busy lady but she loves relaxing through countryside walks, making jigsaw puzzles and taking care of her cats.

The last two gave me an idea and I began to collect old cardboard…

I made a simple drawing of a kind of cat and began to cut it out.

Next came little cardboard supports.

If I just had to construct it myself it would have been dead easy but the trick was to make a building kit of a paper cat!

At the local supermarket I found some flowery gift paper, perfect.

Luckily Lanny had given me some glue which I needed for the outsides of the cat…

I put it together a few times jut to see if it held together and it did!

Almost forgot the cat’s whiskers!

Christmas lunch was a success, we had a good time together and I helped Lanny a bit with putting the cat together.

She was very pleased with the result and it now has suitable place of honor in her living room!

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