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Down In The Alley

Tucked away in Bangkok's Old Town, just between Maha Rat Road and the Chaophraya river, is the Tawang community.

It can only be entered through this very narrow alley.

An old wall on one side, tiny wooden shacks/houses on the other.

There are some serious trees as well!

Detail of a spirit house.

No matter how 'slummy' nowadays satellite dishes are featured everywhere.

Watch out for those low hanging awnings!

Not much wind blowing here...

Washing is done outside

This alley ends at the Chaophraya.

Wind-chimes and more...

For the last Royal Barge Procession some parts of the nearby buildings were 'covered up'...


Creative way of putting pans away.

Relax at home.

The sleeping dog ignores all outside activities.

As usual wires are going everywhere.

A happy kid.

Watch your head!

Door decoration.

Outdoor cooking.

When there isn't much space you really have to become creative.

Very creative!

Tree roots go through the wall.

A colourful garland.

This little side alley leads to the river as well.

The tree has become part of the house.

More dishes than flags...

Part of some equipment to control the water level?

View of Wat Rakhang on the Thonburi side.

Two little locals.

Another spirit house.

Of course cats are here too!

Watch your head/hat!

Back on Maha Rat Road with a food seller just outside the alley.

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