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Down The Chao Phraya River

In the distant past wooden teak barges ruled the Chao Phraya as they were the main form for transporting rice, sand, bricks, wood, etc., to Bangkok.

Over the years though they are being replaced by larger vessels and slowly disappearing.

During one of my recent morning bike trips, I’d stopped at Wat Noi Nai to adjust my brakes a bit when I noticed one of those teak wooden barges lying moored nearby.

In no time I walked over to have a closer look of course.

I was lucky, the boat owner was on board and didn’t mind me taking a few shots.

Some of the tools used.

He was 55 years old and had been living on boats since he was 12.

However repairs and maintenance are becoming more expensive…

His future seemed unsure, tough life indeed…

#Thailand #bangkok #streetphotography #photoblog #local #urbanexploration #photography #urbanphotography #barge #boat #rivertransport

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