Dropping by at the Bangkokian Museum

Over the years I’d heard and read occasionally about this place, but somehow never found the time to visit it or perhaps just suffered from temporarily memory loss, it never really had a high priority on my to-do list.

The first house

During a walkabout in the Bangrak area earlier this year I suddenly realized that I was in the neighborhood of the Bangkokian and decided to drop by, bad luck, I’d arrived just after closing time, 16.00…

This saved me a lot of writing...

Last week I finally managed to visit the Bangkokian during opening times and entered its green premises. A friendly guard requested me to register and I walked to the first house.

In brief this private museum consists of 3 buildings in a lush garden showcasing pre and post World War 2 life of Bangkokians.

I imagined Alfred Hitchcock turning around in his grave after reading this

The best way to describe it is probably odd but charming as the interiors are nice.

Some huge frogs in here

There’s nothing spectacular but the displayed artifacts do give visitors a vivid impression of life during days gone by and the poor English ‘translations’ of the descriptions only increases its quaintness!

I considered it a worthwhile visit and was quite impressed with the ‘antique weighing reverse scale with mirror’, never saw anything like it.

Address: 73 Charoen Krung Road

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 16:00, Wednesday to Sunday.

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