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Elephants Anyone?

During my Chiang Mai trip earlier this January we also visited a kind of wood carvers gallery/museum/workplace with its main focus on elephants.

'Baan Jang Nak' stands for House of Elephants and that was pretty obvious.

It's run by local artist Petch Viriya.

Other local craftsmen in action.

Not only elephants!

Serious large slabs of wood!

One of the more unusual pieces.

There's no doubt about the craftsmanship involved but I can't imagine any of these carvings in our house...

This one was a surprise!

Baan Jang Nak has several showrooms spread out over 2 floors.

Of equal interest I found the drawings and paintings depicting the migration of the Tai Yong people to Chiang Mai.

Petch Viriya is originally Tai Yong and therefore has a strong interest in this part of the tribal history.

Most art works focus on the resettlement of the tribe to Chiang Mai...

Also historic photos are on display.

The coffee shop serves excellent coffee as well.

More information can be found here:

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