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Exploring Blue Lines, Canals and Rivers

Last Saturday the MRT sky train Blue Line’s extension to Lak Song was opened and that seemed like a good reason to try it out.

We boarded the train at Lumphini and about half an hour later got out at Lak Song Station, smooth ride, although I always expected more of the part under the Chao Phraya, would be fun to see fish swimming along…

Around the station there wasn’t much of interest except a local lunch place.

Over khao pad and a beer we discussed our program, as usual based on decisions made on the spur of the moment and very flexible.

Last year we’d tried out the khlong Phasi Charoen express boat service and its Ta Kaset - Bang Khae Pier was within walking distance of the MRT Bang Khae Station.

This boat routing is not well known as it is way out of any tourist area and really purely for commuters.

Boats used are very different from the usual ones, smaller and more like a bus, with straps and a buzzer!

The views along the khlong though are quite pleasant and pretty rural at times.

We got off at the pier near Bang Wa Station and waited there for another boat to Ta Chang.

This part is run by more standard type boats, pretty old with wooden chairs but overall in good condition.

As we were the only passengers, the boat driver had fun acting as a ‘guide’ by pointing out massive sleeping monitor lizards along the canal side.

Here we were getting close to the Chao Phraya river and the views more urban.

Last stop was in front of the sluice gate which was closed as boats from the other side had to come in first.

During high and peak season this can be a major bottle neck and causing massive delays due to the large number of tourist servicing boats…

However September is usually a quiet month and we didn’t have to wait long before cruising along the Chao Phraya past Wat Arun.

10 minutes later we disembarked at Ta Chang pier which was also unusually quiet.

Normally this pier is packed with tourists and heavy boat traffic all around, but now there were just 7 monks!

We ended our trip with dinner at the riverside restaurant behind the Royal Thai Navy Clubhouse: Krua Khun Kung, a rather conservative looking place but with good food at very decent prices, perfect way to end our trip.

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