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Exploring Thonburi

Visiting friends give me good opportunity (as if I needed any!) to continue my urban explorations, either on foot or by bicycle.

My friend Anne had rented a bicycle and off we went, crossing the Krung Thon Bridge into Thonburi, cycling into quiet back lanes and (sometimes dead end) alleys.

We cycled along mirror like khlongs, admired old wooden houses and colourful shacks.

Of course we passed a few temples such as Wat Thong.

Although the main gate was closed I still managed to get a decent shot of this beautiful door.

Eventually we reached the Rama VIII Bridge, always an impressive sight.

We cycled underneath and headed for a coffee shop.

Once there I noticed some workers mucking about with the fibre-optic cables jungle.

Observing them climbing up using (wobbly, but sturdy) bamboo ladders I find always impressive, but this was the first time to see a 'tightrope walker'!

Onwards to the slummy area along Bangkok Noi across narrow concrete elevated paths.

Some of the wooden houses have disappeared.

Eroded, overgrown equipment can be found at various places...

There's quite a bit of boat traffic on this major khlong.

Sluices connect smaller canals to Bangkok Noi.

Cycling here is quite peaceful!

Some parts are very rural.

Very, very rural.

The massive high-rise really looks out of place!

Rustic indeed.

Bangkok is truly a mind boggling place!

Here's an 'artist's impression'...

If they only could do something about the dreadful air quality..., cycling with masks isn't that great to be honest!

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