Exploring Utrecht Part 1

Earlier this week I took a train with an old friend to Utrecht, one of those classic Dutch cities with quite a bit of history.

We hadn't made any real plans, except for wandering around a bit through the old town.

Once outside the railway station, we ignored the mall and walked on.

Part of the Mall reflected in the water.

A bit further on was Pandhof Sinte Marie, a remnant of the Maria Church.

Its garden was doing great!

Lots of cobblestone streets, I still find these very attractive.

The Conservatorium.

Like Amsterdam, Utrecht has canals.

Street life...

Door decoration.

One of Utrecht's saints, riding a horse, in future perhaps a bicycle?

What this bicycle wreck was doing there remained a mystery.

Cute cat.

Some buildings are seriously ancient!

Lots of narrow alleys like these.

Zoudenbalch House was built in 1467.

Love those red shutters.

This friendly cat came over to say hello.

A few spiritual shops display Buddha statues but whether those sold are used for religious purposes is unclear.

Photo: Hennah

Posing with Dick Bruna's famous Nijntje (Miffi in English)!

To be continued...






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