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Exploring Utrecht Part 2

Many, many years ago whenever I went to Utrecht, it was usually only for records/CDs and books...

Nowadays though I enjoy admiring various architectural styles of old buildings while wandering around.

This 1912 house is a good example, look at all the brickwork, upper windows, balcony, etc.!

Details of a so-called 'boom rooster' (tree grate?), together with the road bricks make for an interesting picture.

Another alley.

Renovated of course, but still beautiful this 1878 house.

White beauty.

A better canal view, the right side will later be full of tables and chairs.

Pretty grim really!

In the back, the famous Dom Tower Church is still under renovation.

Drainage cover and road bricks composition...

Bicycles and beauty.

Compass road decoration!

I don't ride horses, but that resembles closely how I felt that pre-summer day in Utrecht!

The statue of Nijntje's (Miffy's) back shows the illustrator himself: Dick Bruna, a wonderful artist.


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