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Fishin' Blues

It’s kind of fascinating to see how suddenly out of nowhere a blog topic can start.

Last Sunday morning I hit the road again and while cycling happily along, noticed a fisherman standing on a bridge carrying a kind of fish shooting crossbow!

Now I had seen similarly equipped guys over the years in my neighborhood but it seemed like a good opportunity to stop and have a chat with him.

He told me that so far nothing yet, packed his gear and moved on.

I climbed on my bike and did the same until I noticed another guy standing/floating in the middle of Khlong Mahasawat mucking about with a huge net.

On his back he carried a few empty plastic bottles, I guess those helped him float a bit…

Obviously, he was too busy for a chat so I cycled onwards.

A few kilometers further I bumped into another crossbow guy, he told me he paid about 2000 THB for it!

No rest for the wicked, especially not those on a bicycle, but cycling on a quiet road alongside a canal is quite pleasant.

Next stop was at a classic fishing net contraption, always worth a few shots.

Luckily the owner noticed me and he was so kind as to show me how it worked, but here too, no fish!

20 minutes further I met the last crossbow guy of the day, he too hadn’t been very lucky so far…

Saying goodbye to Khlong Mahasawat and taking a right into a smaller road alongside another canal led me to my second large fishing net of the day.

However this one had a different system to lower/raise the net as you can see.

Finally I encountered another fisherman using a completely different approach…

No lack of fishermen that Sunday!

Here is a 26 min. Thai video showing how those crossbows are made:

#photoblog #photography #Thailand #streetphotography #local #urbanexploration #fishing #crossbow #fishingnet #openthailandsafely

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