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Float, float on....

There is no lack of floating markets around Bangkok, as more and more are popping up left and right, all in the name of tourism. Unfortunately most of these are misnomers as there are hardly any boats to be seen, technically they are river or canal side markets. On the other hand they are very popular among Thai tourists as well, therefore the overall atmosphere is quite cool.

A bit further out in Nonthaburi province along the Phra Pimonrat canal and way off the tourist track, is Sai Noi Floating Market.

Like the others most of the activities are in the sides of the canal, the only floating parts are a number of pontoons with tables and chairs.

However the variety of food is astonishing(*), this place should be avoided at all costs if you’re concerned about your weight!

My photos will speak for themselves….

Lotus seeds.

Tough old lady selling veggies.

More fruit and vegetables.

Deep fried stuff.

Thai style crepe, usually too sweet for my taste.

Old style 'i-team'

These kids are cute, selling peanuts and doing homework at the same time.

More fried stuff.

Sweet khanoms and a great smile!

Various kinds of Thai sweets.

Fancy a new knife?

Or some comics?

Interesting contraption in the background, it's used to remove the dreaded water hyacinths which are clogging up the canals and rivers....

Neat bridge which connects the 2 sides of the market.

View from the bridge.

Other side from the bridge, as you can see there's plenty of water hyacinth removal work to be done...

Buy a pet fish?

Kind of coconut pudding.

It's a real art what he's doing, but the colors make my teeth ache....

Still life of fish and bamboo.

And here's the lady who sells this fish art...

Of course there are some restaurants as well.

More sweets...

Grilled bananas and more.

A cup full of ducks...

Fascinating content.

Disgustingly cute candy-floss sweets !

That crab looks really pissed off!

Unhappy ducks...

Clever eco packaging!

Very young spirits are respected too by offering some toys!

Amulet seller who clearly believes in his products.

(*) Any floating market worth its salt MUST have insane amounts of food!

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