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Going East

We continued our 'epic' journey through the outskirts of Amsterdam.

The Nieuwendammerdijk area was behind us.

But it still remained pretty rural when we entered Schellingwoude. No cats to be seen though...

This is what happens if you ignore your bicycle too long...

We spotted a white church and decided to have a closer look.

The Schellingwouderkerk (1866) is one of those churches whose number of churchgoers has dwindled over the years... (*)

Crossing the Schellingwouderbrug would take us to a very different area of Amsterdam.

We had to wait a bit for this yacht to pass.

Views like these remind visitors that Amsterdam still is a port!

Underneath a much smaller bridge, we spotted a graffiti workshop.

Two different groups were practicing spraying paint and more.

I guess neither group produced this one!

In the old Veemarkt (cattle market) area there are still a few stunning old houses.

Here's another one.

We walked past more modern structures in Funen park.

Not really my style, but still interesting.

Russian connection? We'd arrived in the Czaar Peter buurt (=area)! (**)

Corner view of Blankenstraat.

View from Oosterburgerkade.

In the Oosterburgerpark these kids were having great fun with their balancing act!

Oostenburg is another fascinating part of Amsterdam.

We'd reached our end destination at the Kattenburgerplein, a well-known fish stand selling fresh herring (***).

Inside lots of activity as there were many customers and the herrings were a bit too cold, which caused some delay in preparation...

As this was the very first day of the year the fresh herring was sold, we got a tiny Dutch flag and a small glass of Jenever as well, a Dutch custom I wasn't aware of!

But most important of all, it tasted fantastic!




A shadow selfie!

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