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Good Morning Bangkok

Yesterday I set off for a ride into town, just to have a look around and check if the zombies haven't taken over the capital yet.

Cycling to Thonburi went without a hitch.

A quick stop at some food stalls for taking a few shots.

Smiles hidden behind face-masks these days...

Wat Wiset Kan is located near Siriraj Hospital, a place I visited too often, but somehow I don't recall seeing this temple before??

Leaving my bike unguarded while walking around is usually no big deal.

A glimpse of Wat Arun and not much more as most tourists attractions are still closed due to Covid...

Luckily ferries are still operating.

Chao Phraya river traffic usually provides good photo opportunities.

One of those old tires alongside the ferry made a cool frame.

Passengers, not many this morning...

Arrival on the other side at Tha Tien, that cat wasn't bothered!

In pre-Covid times the area in front of Tha Tien's entrance was full of vendors, but nowadays there are just a few.

As a result, I noticed this pretty neat sunflower-ladybird mural painted on wood for the first time.

Continued cycling along Wat Pho's walls only as entry is still not possible.

And bumped into a newly painted temple door, I was very surprised to see this as it is certainly different from traditional styles.

Onwards to Pak Khlong Talad, the flower market, perhaps not as busy as usual but at least more lively than other places I'd visited.

Cat feeding time!

Street vendors.

From inside the market.

The lanes interspacing the market are always busy.

Besides fruit, some other products are sold as well.

Outside on the footpath (or perhaps food path?).

The Grand Palace.

One of the giant wooden doors stood partly open so I couldn't resist taking a few shots.

Canons from the Ministry of Defence pointing at Lak Muang, the City Pillar.

Group of cyclists gathering for a photo opp in front of Grand Palace.

The container wall behind the Shrine of Mae Thorani, very ugly, but hopefully this is temporary.

At least some good use of containers! This one is part of the 'wall' dividing Sanam Luang in two...

The junk market along Trok Sake, note the open-air barber on the left, 60 baht for a haircut.

Part of Tanao Road now houses lottery tickets sellers.

A virtually empty Khao San Road looks odd, but even in the past early Saturday mornings here were not exactly a 'hive of activity'.

The corner of Rambuttri Road, Banglumpoo overall was just very, very quiet...

Luckily at Karim Roti Mataba's the kitchen staff were in full action.

River view from the Pinklao Bridge with the Rama VIII bridge in the distance.

On the way home waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.

End conclusion: No zombies in Bangkok, life continues pretty much as usual, but certainly less hectic...

At least this trip gave me enough inspiration for the cartoon underneath.

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