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Good Start Of The Day

These days sunrise is around 05.30 and the temperature then is still cool, perfect timing to start cycling.

A quick wash-up and a hot coffee beforehand are highly recommended though!

Cycling along Khlong Mahasawad is a piece of cake on a relatively smooth and straight road without much traffic, especially on an early Sunday morning.

Some of the other canals can get seriously clogged up, a bit too much greenery...

Some of the street signposts are nicely decorated.

A fisherman waiting with his crossbow contraption.

A bit more unusual is a nameless shrine with a zillion chicken statues of all sizes!

Cute decoration.

Sorry dog, chickens only!

After the rains the fields are incredibly green, unfortunately my photo doesn't do it justice.

Another fisherman in his plastic boat.

Something I don't see often, paragliders, cool sport, but those 2 birds do a better job at flying around.

Mirror effect in the field.

This fish trap is lying in the water but the reflection makes it seem just floating above it!

More fishing in the khlong.

A huge white stupa in the background.

At Suan Phak market, observing the monks doing their rounds.

Some of the elder monks wait for passersby to pay respect.

Wat Song in Bangkruay is difficult to access (only on foot or by bike) and looks rather derelict...

Inside however is a different story!

Some parts of the trip are on ramshackle trails like these...

p.s. I cheated a bit, these pics came from 2 different morning rides!

#photoblog #local #urbanexploration #openthailandsafely #cycling #Thailand #Nonthaburi

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