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Hallelujah Amsterdam

This June I visited Amsterdam twice, the first one started with rain and stayed overcast for most of the day, kind of gloomy but still enjoyable.

The second trip started almost similarly, but after lunch the sun finally broke through and brightened the city considerably.

Anyway on both days I walked a lot through old and new areas, admiring city life in all its facets.

However for me most of the time the old parts remain the most attractive, something I find hard to escape from.

One exception though is the waterfront behind the Central Station, very impressive indeed.

As for the rest, I just strolled along happily taking shots of bicycles, stately houses, churches, wall paintings, canals and boats...

And of course plenty of people doing their stuff, eating herring / french fries, picnicking along the waterside, taking selfies, etc., all courtesy of the great weather.

Oh, I also managed to score a great book (hardcover!) about Amsterdam songs, which offers a neat balance between brilliance and hilarious in both text and music (it got a cd!).

Therefore I couldn’t resist looking for more and as you can see I found some, a fitting tribute to Amsterdam!

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