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After almost a year away I was very eager to have a look again at my favorite island, just off Pakkret, in the Chao Phraya River (*).

To my surprise I ended up going to Koh Kret 3 times in a row within 1 month, the first 2 trips on foot, the last one by rented bike (**).

A lot of visitors mainly go for the popular - though touristy - market or perhaps try their hand at pottery and ignore the rest of the island which really is a shame.

The main (no car!) trail around the island is just over 5 km, but it’s fun to explore the elevated concrete side paths, this is as rural as gets!

Especially on weekends the market can be very crowded, but here too Covid has made a serious impact…

The biggest change I noticed were the new streetlights powered by solar cells.

Also some of the older side paths to piers are being upgraded to the new style bicycle / foot paths.

Most food places I’d visited in the past were still there and some (Rongsi!) even becoming more popular.

The 2 baht ferry to Koh Kret.

One of the new bicycle / foot paths, apparently there was plenty of money to throw around as on some stretches there are those fancy streetlights on both sides and much closer to each other...

Local street art.

If you're interested in pottery, look no further.

The master himself was present that day, checking on his student!

Traditional wooden houses are plenty here, but this one has unusual shutters.

For bird spotters Koh Kret is pretty cool too.

This little guy was more curious than afraid.

For the first time I cycled near the 'rehab' center (for 'fallen women'!), nice area with more than a few wooden houses.

Watch where you bicycle...

Long live solar energy.

A bit further on there were just installing the solar panels.

Friendly greetings, they were happy to pose for my camera.

Masjid Mosque on the other side of the river.

A local fisher-lady.

Plenty of signage nowadays, but it is almost impossible to get lost here anyway.

Old and new bicycle / foot paths.

Lots of river transport on either side of the island which is kind of surprising as I expected that most freight boats would opt for the 'shortcut'.

A lovely coffeeshop in a 100 year old wooden house.

A rickety path...

A rocket boat, not my favorite form of transport!

I've taken this once from Nonthaburi pier to the island, but it's a very bumpy ride...

Slower boat travel.

Parts of the old rice mill.

It could easily become a museum.

Views from the most fancy coffee shop on the island.

Collecting televisions is a different kind of hobby...

I was very pleased to see that the old 'khanom toey' coffee shop was still going strong.

Therefore this year I expect to drop by Koh Kret a few more times!

Getting here is relatively easy, take either a taxi or bus (32, 150, 166) to Pakkret's (***) Wat Sanam Nua from where you can take a ferry to Koh Kret.


(**) Warning! Most bikes are in poor state, do check the brakes!

(***) Spelling varies: Pakkret, Pak Kret, Pak Kred, etc.


As the rice mill had been abandoned for a long time a tree started growing inside its chimney!

However after a few years the tree had grown too large and 'took off'...

Since then the top of the chimney looks a bit damaged!

Until a few years ago this old Dakota was parked somewhere along the island's riverside, it was even visible on Google Maps!

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