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Hualamphong's Last Stand?

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Hualamphong Railway Station's life got extended by a month after lots of protests.

Another surprise was that 2 old steam locomotives would be displayed there for some time.

I'd visited these steamers in the past at the Thonburi Locomotive Depot several times, but never seen them at Hualamphong, so a good reason to go there.

Perfect background for selfies...

Always impressive.

Those old wooden benches are not really that comfortable.

Walking around I bumped into this stand and found out that there was a kind of treasure hunt going on!

The 'Hua Lamphong In Your Eyes' game will last until January 16.

Exhibition in the main hall.

The last checkpoint.

Yup, all done!

All stamps received!!

Collecting my prize...

Actually this looks really nice!

If you scan the various QR codes you will get pdfs like the above.

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