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Hunting, Hiking and Camping

The continuing adventures of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the West Cambodian Jungle...

After a short boat ride we were dropped at a ranger station, from here we would start our hike.

However first we got an interesting 'show and tell' about the rangers' activities in protecting this national park.

Not easy considering its size and the amount of money involved in the illegal wildlife trade..., in fact a seriously dangerous job at times!

Here are some of the confiscated nets, snares and traps from poachers...

As well as home-made single shot rifles!

We crossed the river and started our hike.

Despite the abundant flora the trail wasn't that difficult to walk.

Ginger plant!

That 'thing' is called an 'elephant lung'!

Part of a bee hive...

Captive audience!

A bit more open area.

Pitcher plants.

Looking at animal tracks.

The 'elephant lung' cut in half!

Strangler figs in action.

The trail got a bit more challenging.

The occasional more serious tree...

No lack of flowers either.

Either climbing over or crawling under!

Back at the river our kayaks were waiting for us.

We quickly paddled to a special campsite.

Cardamom Tented Camp (*) also offers a 1 night in the jungle overnight in so-called 'tentsile tree suspension tents' which are set up between 3 (surprise, surprise) trees.

Smart construction, I'd never seen anything like it before.

And inside it looked quite cosy.

The end of Willem's old hiking shoes...., after 5 years they had enough of his feet and spontaneously committed suicide!

Artist's impression:

To be continued once more (with or without Willem's shoes)...


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