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Hustle & Bustle around Phitsanuloke Railway Station

That morning I had arrived too early at the Railway Station (and only managed to buy a 3rd class ticket to Bangkok), therefore dumped my wheelie at the cloakroom and started walking around with my mobile phone ready to shoot innocent bystanders...

Various modes of transport and their drivers and people in general always make great objects for photo shoots and I wasn't disappointed.

From old style rickshaws to Phitsanuloke style tuk tuks, similar to those in Ayutthaya.

These are usually found in front of the railway station.

The railway station is already more than a 100 years old.

This 3 wheeled contraption is typical for the Phitsanuloke - Sukhothai area.

They are used for carrying all kinds of goods, animals and humans as well.

This was near the fresh market (talad sot), a very colorful, noisy place, full of strange smells....

Pig heads and a monk, not really an usual sight at markets like these.

Fresh fish rarely look appetizing....

Old skool buses with wooden benches, ok for short rides only (for me at least).

Always colourful!

This family in the back of a pickup where happy to pose for me!

This might be one of the oldest hotels in town, just opposite the railway station.

Ticket office inside the station as usual.

Some platform station views with monks...

And cats...

The train for Bangkok has arrived!

All aboard!

Open windows are nice, great airconditioning, straight up seats less, but at least with some padding...

I wish I could sleep like that!

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