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I Saw The Light

The last Bangkok Group Photographers Walk started badly for me...

I'd just boarded a bus and restarted my mobile only to be confronted with incorrect pin-code messages...

As my mobile IS my camera I had no choice but to get out of the bus, cross the road, and take a taxi straight home.

There after some frantic searching I retrieved the correct PUK code (of my 2nd Dutch SIM which I haven't used in ages), and finally managed to get my bloody mobile functioning again.

A second taxi ride got me just in time at Siam Square where most of the group had already arrived.

But somehow this wrong start had put me off and it was difficult to get into the right photographer mood...

Have a look anyway.

Once I'd left Siam Square I felt a bit better and enjoyed the bus ride.

My final shot at Ratchadamnoen Avenue...

And here's the official Bangkok Group version:

My See The Lights 2021 version went much better:

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