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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Cycling to Loenen aan de Vecht > Breukelen > Tienhoven and back to Loosdrecht!

Almost clear blue sky, lots of sunshine and a slightly chilly wind, perfect weather for another cycling trip through the countryside.

I started taking photos at a very narrow dirt track with an impressive name; Dirck A. Lambertszkade as some ducks seemed willing to pose. Also the windmill in the background was more than welcome.

At the same time it was a good moment to remove all kinds of tiny flying insects from of my eys, nose, and mouth....

Afterwards I was happy to continue on a narrow road; Oud Over, at least no more insects!

Various kinds of houses are to be found along this road.

As well as windmills, but unfortunately this Loenderveense Molen (1652!) is not open to the public, so I could only admire it from a distance.

Alongside the road is the Vecht river with Molen (windmill) De Hoop on the other side.

Futuristic houses such as this are rather an exception!

Peaceful waters provide excellent reflections.

Traffic is limited here due to the road's width.

Draw-bridge Dorpsbrug across the Vecht.

Views from the Dorpsbrug of Loenen aan de Vecht.

Windmill De Hoop in the background.

View across the bridge into the Brugstraat.

Draw bridges are still used, I had to stop here at the Mijndense Sluis.

Boat passing through.

The castle like 'Rupelmonde' has a fascinating history (*), unfortunately only in Dutch.

A more modern house along the Vecht.

A view of the small town of Breukelen.

Another classic old house: Watervoor.

The route map and a last pic near the end at Tienhoven.


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