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I Want To Ride My Tricycle

On this blog, you can find various posts about transportation, from boats to trains and more.

Especially trucks and buses have caught my eye more than a few times.

Despite having become an avid cyclist myself I haven’t done anything on bicycles or motorcycles.

But that’s finally going to be rectified as you can see!

Being more regularly in Nonthaburi’s Khae Rai area I couldn’t help noticing the relatively high number of motorized tricycles zooming by.

Called in Thai ‘saleng’ these are used for almost anything; mobile food stalls, mini-markets, broom shops, etc.

However most here are used for transporting goods, and especially by locals active in recycling.

Often I see the whole family being transported this way.

Although plenty of leg space, the heat and pollution at times must be horrible…

If there are any safety regulations for these contraptions, I have never seen any!

Scales are often part of their equipment.

The one above is a more regular version of a motorcycle with a sidecar.

They really can carry a lot of ... Junk!

It must be a tough job...

More background info can be found here:






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