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Ice Truck

Although not driving any car I do pay attention to vehicles on the road, especially to fancy paint jobs, vintage cars, etc. (*)

However once and a while I encounter something that defies belief...

When I bumped into this wreck I almost fell off my bicycle!

A further close-up revealed an amazing variety of repairs...

Plenty of sheets to protect the ice.

Upfrontfront was just as mind-boggling.

Pieces of string, tape, and god know what else prevented this 'thing' from spontaneous disintegration!

Somehow it worked...

I don't think I've ever seen a vehicle this abused!

On top it was more of the same.

This just seemed more and more unreal...

A look inside (through not particular clear glass) didn't reveal anything better.

The fact that it is still in use, unbelievable!

On the other hand, the ice factory is pretty modern though!

#photoblog #photography #Thailand #streetphotography #local #urbanexploration #trucks #ice


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