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In Phnom Penh...

I'd arrived at the Railway Station...

The station's area has been renovated a lot after years of neglect.

Modern carriages but so far only 1 operational line, to Sihanoukville...

Inside the main building.

Only the main building looks pretty much the same.

Opposite the station, quite impressive.

But some of the older buildings luckily remain.

Bubble tea has become here popular as well, definitely not my cup of tea though!

Some of the wider boulevards have their trees numbered!

The cyclos are sooner or later to become extinct...

Sokimex Gas Station.

Gold plated building?!

Minivan station.

Very distinctive light yellow building: The Central Market.

Inside it was rather quiet...

Plenty of time to check one's mobiles.

The center inside!

The blue light gives a rather weird effect.

Masks here too...

But not everybody.


More t-shirts than customers...

I'd rather do something like this on a table.

Bamboo scaffolding!

Very local traffic sign.

These cyclos seem more comfy than the Thai version.

Fruit seller.

Monks deeply absorbed in meditation? Nope, just checking their mobiles!

Another cyclo.

Bamboo spirit house with cute dolls, cars and candies.

A pretty cool tuk!

Once more to be continued...

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