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Inside the Suan Phak maze

Part of the fun of cycling is at times ignoring your mobile's GPS and just blundering ahead!

Instead, I depend on the guidance of Mr. Mishilin and hope for the best, a dodgy approach to say the least!

Here I got off the main road (no fun cycling anyway), said 'Hi' to the chickens, and turned left into that little alley.

On paths like these, I usually cycle slowly savoring the neighborhood as much as possible.

Sometimes (elevated) paths run alongside khlongs and as long as they're not too high and have some kind of a fence, I'm perfectly happy.

This little clip probably gives you a better idea.

At times paths run between semi-jungle and walled-off compounds.

A friendly local person noticed me mucking about and offered to take this pic of me, appreciated it!

Standing at the crossroads... Go straight? Turn left/right? Whatever just go with the flow!

Always be polite and cycle slowly!

One thing to keep in mind is that these public paths can easily change into private ones and then you end up trespassing!

Watch your head, some of the roofs are really low-hanging...

Corners are usually 90 degrees!

Oops, another dead end!

This Chinese temple - Godfather Sun Wukong ศาลเจ้าเง็กฮกตึ๊ง (เจ้าพ่อเฮ่งเจีย) - is as good as invisible from Suan Phak Road...

It's much larger than I had expected!

My little folding bike seems perfectly suitable for these paths, also it's easy to carry it across obstacles or make U-turns.

Encounters with locals - such as this food-selling lady - are usually pleasant.

Not much space to maneuver when motorcycles appear from the opposite direction!

Almost back again at Suan Phak Road, but don't let your front wheel get into that crack, otherwise...

I went cycling in this part of Taling Chan for 2 days in a row.

As you can see plenty of detours and luckily both days were without any nasty dog encounters!

Holding my mobile in my right hand to take these clips is not really great, but the results aren't that bad.

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2 comentarios

ray storey
ray storey
19 nov 2022

Clong paths are great fun by bike, KK, and the clips show it well. I like this post very much as it takes me back to what I liked best about living in Bangkok.

Me gusta
19 nov 2022
Contestando a

A bit scary to take those clips to be honest as I use my mobile....

Me gusta
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