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Inside Windmill Nooit Gedacht

Just after I had posted the previous episode I went with my sister on another windmill trip and ended up in a tiny place called Warnsveld.

Here we found to our pleasant surprise windmill 'Nooit Gedacht' (= never thought of) open for visitors!

The windmill was built in 1850 and had a pretty turbulent history, besides all kinds of financial problems it was hit by lightning in 1869 and burnt down...

It was rebuilt the same year but suffered 2 more lightning strikes, the first in 1891 caused small damage but the second one in 1905 burnt down the mill again...

After rebuilding the mill had further renovations in 1956, 1968 and 1981.

The windmill's blades use 2 different systems, one with so-called Ten Have 'flaps' and the other with Fauel in order to make more efficient use of the wind.

This gives you a pretty good idea about the size!

By the way, 'zolder' means 'attic', 'begane grond' = 'ground floor'.

The entrance on the ground floor.

The second floor with some old machinery.

Here is an overview of the windmill's history.

Here we are on the 'Steen zolder'.

Massive wooden cogwheels.


More details.

It is possible to walk around the reefing stage outside as well.

The old saying above the door is classic, it roughly translates as:

'Here steam and wind and strength

Transforms the nutritious grain into flour

But even if they had Solomon's wisdom

And Zion's wealth

Yet one cannot grind it

To everyone's liking.'

On the left is the counter selling flour products.

Entering the mill is miller Thije, unusual as he is very young compared to most other millers, both male and female!

Here is my sister in discussion with 2 miller trainees.

Views over Warnsveld from the reefing stage are excellent.

The present miller is Dirk-Jan Abelskamp, he has been here since 1973!

As a souvenir we bought pancake flour and made some excellent pancakes that same evening!

Windmills in the Netherlands had their heyday in the 19th century, then there were about 9000!

At present there are about a 1000 windmills still active, most run by volunteers.

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