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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ….

In a land far away there lived several races together in peace and harmony until there was a change of government...

The new leaders had a very different agenda and went for a divide and rule policy…

In the middle of the night he was lifted from his bed by the dreaded Opatseg secret police, taken to court and sentenced to 100 years (& 2 months) imprisonment for participating in the Blue Lives Matter protests.

After sentencing he was straight away transported to the maximum security prison on the infamous island of Koh Tuk Tuk.

Shown above the massive stone entrance was the prison’s welcome sign: ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’

Even guards seldom left this travesty of a correctional institution alive…

Escaping was out of the question as the surrounding nature was incredibly hostile and there were no villages or inhabitants around.

Therefore he made the decision to succeed where all others had failed and started digging in secret.

After 9 years, 3 months, 1 week and 2 days he had finally finished his tunnel underneath the bottom of the sea and reached the mainland!

Daylight at last and the first smells of freedom (which to be honest were rather foul) but at least he had escaped!

Walking and wading across treacherous swamps he continued his way.

In order to cross a crystal clear lake he built a raft and noticed remnants of unknown origin lying on the bottom…

Finally he had arrived in an unknown part of the world where giants used to live their decadent lives until a relatively minor flu mutated into Covid-91 and killed them off once and for all.

Exploring their haunted buildings he kept on going.

Petrified bodies of the giants were lying around everywhere…

He marveled at artifacts of whose purposes he couldn’t possibly imagine.

Some of those had a distinct evil aura…

Would he linger among those ghosts or move on to further destinations unknown?

To be continued!

PS. In case you were wondering where I got this prison smurf from… When I was a kid I eagerly read the newspaper comics as well as comic magazines. One of the series I really enjoyed was Peyo’s Smurfs and when they started to become popular one particular gas company made a deal with Peyo. As soon as I discovered that plastic smurfs were available at gas stations I begged my mom to tank up there and get me a few smurfs. Luckily for me she obliged and I was very happy until I got too old for playing with smurfs so they were passed on to my brother and sister.

Fast forward to last year, during the house renovation we took out the floor and to my big surprise found underneath a rather filthy looking prison smurf.. Escaped at last indeed!

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