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It's Getting Colder

The last real winter with lots of snow I experienced was more than 20 years ago...

But the last few days showed a slight drop in temperature - just below zero - at night.

With frosty results!

Luckily the early mornings were sunny and without wind.

Perfect opportunity to go outside and take pics.

Always a bit tricky as my fingers get cold very quickly, but somehow I captured quite a few chilly scenes.

Whether nature or man-made objects, frost turns them into objects of beauty.

This for instance is a log of wood partly covered with ice crystals, the morning sun made them disappear soon afterwards.

Frozen drops on a spider web.

That's where a part of the web started.

All kinds of white leaves.

Part of a wooden bridge.

No idea how this happened, but I guess a little bit of water was caught by wind and froze on the spot.

A small frozen puddle with some oak leaves.

This silhouette came out well I think.

Frozen drops underneath a rain gutter.

Part of a metal fence.

A hedge in bright sunlight.

A car's rooftop.

Some plants still show seeds...

The frost nicely 'frames' those leaves.

A frosted over twig with all kinds of growths.

On top of another car...

Frosty fields of Loosdrecht!

A brown leaf hedge.

The combination of bright sunlight and frost was excellent!

A frost covered garden hose.

Top part of an outside wood stove.

It looks a bit like a frozen flower...

Cold indeed.

This little fellow is a permanent resident of my parents' tiny pond...

After spending all that time in the cold outside I needed a stiff drink!

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