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Jet Airliner

Last year I went with my old friend David by car on a nostalgia kind of trip, he wanted to see what his old area in Minburi looked like nowadays...

After more than 20 years and faded memories this was not easy at all, most of his rural upcountry images had been replaced by new housing estates, shops and more..., not a pretty sight!

We'd ended up in the Wat Sri Boonrueng area and decided to walk a bit along Khlong Saen Saeb as I'd spotted the 'airplane graveyard' earlier while driving (trying to as most of it is under construction) on Ramkhamhaeng Road.

And this was a place I'd wanted to visit but never got to somehow, therefore I'd told David that it could be a splendid little adventure!

As usual David expressed strong (& sarcastic) doubts about both the objective and my guiding skills, 'O ye, of little faith'...

We'd arrived at Wat Sri Boonrueng where I spotted a tiny elevated walkway that seemed to be going towards our destination.

The monk's building showed a colourful collection of drying robes and assorted clothes.

Walking through semi jungle and rubbish wasn't really that great but I took it all in good spirits unlike David who just grumbled along.

Crossing Indiana Jones style rickety 'bridges' is fun, David!!!!

We spotted the first plane wrecks on the other side of the (unfortunately rather smelly) khlong...

The wrecks are used as an attraction by nearby living locals who charge tourists some money for taking photos!

This started in 2010 when a local business man bought some airplane parts, dumped them here and has been selling bits and pieces ever since...

We were getting near the end of the elevated concrete walkway which was just as well as it seemed likely to collapse any time...

Screwed again..., instead of ending at the main road it left us in the middle of nowhere!

David made his displeasure very clear (as expected) and promised me to write an extremely negative review on Tripadvisor.

It's sad but true, some people don't have any sense of adventure whatsoever....

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