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Just Another Bangkok Saturday

Many years ago when I first started taking snapshots the results were often not even close to what I'd imagined when shooting...

Just shoot, bring your roll of film to a shop for developing and hope for the best…

Then much later digital photography arrived and suddenly photo editing (thank you Photoshop) became possible.

So I fiddled around with Photoshop filters, which took some time but occasionally produced interesting results.

Next came Instagram, at first I was really enthusiastic about their filter possibilities when it just came out and happily (ab)used it.

Other apps followed, BeFunky, Snapseed, etc., but the more I got into taking photos the less I started using them and #nofilter is more or less standard for me nowadays.

Some filter effects work looked only effective on a particular photo, but certainly not most.

Therefore the only post-processing I do are cropping and adding a frame, usually that’s enough.

Even so, new possibilities/photo apps pop up from time to time and I don’t mind giving it a try, especially with ‘mixing’ the results and the results you see here.

The overall soft colors and slightly cubic effect seem to work with almost any subject I shot.

All photos here I took last week Saturday.

Wandering around through streets and alleys of the Big Mango.

Passing food stalls...

Street signs 'decorated' with graffiti...

Students getting ready for photo sessions.

Or taking graduation pics.

On the whole, I’m pretty pleased with this, but let me know how you see these.

Also if you recognize where I have taken the original photo!

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