Kanchanaburi Pilgrimage

Yesterday we went on a family trip, visiting my in-laws in Kamphaeng Saen. Afterwards we did a little sight-seeing and ended up at a completely unknown temple (to me at least *), Wat Phra Thaen Dong Rang Worawihan in nearby Kanchanaburi.

This temple is well known among Thai tourists for its massive Phra Sangkachai statue, a happy Buddha which probably gives nightmares to little children, it certainly looked more deranged than happy to me.

The ‘happy’ giant is surrounded by ancient and very dusty artifacts which make up the ‘local museum’, something which I’ve encountered unfortunately often.

Somebody decides to start collecting various objects, puts them together in random order and afterwards they just collect dust while disintegrating, sad…

The real attraction was another temple building, however upon seeing what was the pilgrimage object I was rather puzzled…

A little later I found a plaque outside explaining it is the 'Dong Rung Stone Bed' on which (according to legend **) the lord Buddha slept and passed away.

Many Thai kings came here in the past to pay respect to it!

It’s always interesting how these family visits turn out, I certainly hadn’t expected this!

(*) Considering the huge amount of temples this is not surprising at all.

(**) Kind of fake news, after all Buddha never came to Thailand.

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