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Keep On Walking

This morning I went into town to meet an old friend around Siam Square for coffee and hot chocolate.

After 1 cappuccino, 1 hot chocolate, and 1 americano we split up and I got off Phaya Thai Rd, into Soi Phaya Nak.

From there I made a few other turns and ended up walking through a very narrow soi.

The awnings of both sides almost connect!

Yum for you.., no thanks.

Lots of little shops can be found here.

They asked me to take their photo through the window, OK, can do!

No lack of lazy cats.

This Saturday became Caturday once again.

Nice motorcycle.

Drain in the middle.

Of course no lack of food stalls either.

Chinese lantern decorations.

Some of the awnings were hanging dangerously low for tall foreigners like me.

This kid nicely stumbled along without falling on his bum.

Small sweatshop...

Surprise, surprise, the Beatles in Bangkok!

And this turned out to be a selfie (kind of)!

All in all a very pleasant stroll through this Soi.

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