Klong San Revisited

Plenty of Chinese and muslim influences can still be seen in the Klong San area which makes it a very attractive area to wander around and have your camera ready.

Walking across the Memorial Bridge from the Pak Klong Talad is a nice way as this 'nuts and bolts' bridge reminds me of my ancient 'mecano' construction kit...

As you can see it's getting a serious paint job!

On the other side I walked to the RBMCO entrance gate near the Princess Mother Memorial Park, which stands for Randery Braramakran Company.

The area used for the Princess Mother Memorial Park is quite lush with large trees.

It was very peaceful and quiet during this visit, but I have seen that differently in the past.

The Goowatim Islam Mosque was built by muslims from Pattani, South Thailand and muslim traders from Surat, India, and used to be a warehouse for goods.

The Chinese Gong Wu Shrine was originally built 268 years ago, but the present renovated building dates from 1901.

The 3 storey building offers great views across the Chaophraya River.

Behind the riverside building is the actual shrine!

More than a few of those paper lanterns are on the edge of disintegration!

Tha Dindaeng Road goes all the way to Lat Ya.

Despite the colourful mural I didn't eat here...

The owners were friendly enough though!

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