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Knock On Wood

After our visit of the tobacco curing barn ruins Corne remembered another place where he had seen similar buildings.

I was surprised to see the place itself as it looked more like a dilapidated wood processing factory, especially of wooden platters…

In fact loads of platters were everywhere as well as sawdust and some equipment.

In vain we tried to locate some form of planning or order in this huge woodshed.

Health and safety regulations were firmly ignored in this place!

One discarded face mask seemed to be the only form of protection around, but we guessed that was more because of Covid-19 than anything else…

Lamps, plugs, wall outlets were haphazardly arranged and all covered in sawdust…

Wooden bowls were also produced here, although not as many as the platters.

Equipment too was covered in off-cuts, trims and shavings, how it still could work was a mystery to us.

But in the back were two curing barns!

And these were still in use, so Corne went in to have a look…

Of course we shouldn’t have been surprised, but if you have a preconceived idea about tobacco plants and then only see wooden platters…

We grudgingly accepted that curing wood products instead tobacco worked probably just as well.

The wood factory covered a lot of ground.

Some of the transport vehicles looked remarkably similar to the overall state of this place.

Magic signs on huge slabs of wood…

Another arrival of more wood.

From the other side two barking dogs came running towards us, high time to disappear!

On the roadside was the wood shop where the saleslady proudly showed us their products, the platters were mainly going to restaurants as pizza platters she told us.

They also produced Indian style tiffin boxes, but made from wood of course!

It looked quite nice but also felt rather heavy to me…

Overall it had been an interesting visit and we had learned a few new things!

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