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Leiden - City of Keys

Twice this year I visited the ancient university city of Leiden and both days the weather was cooperative.

Besides that Leiden is a very photogenic place.

The two keys are often seen here as they are part of Leiden's coat of arms.

Over the years I have seen many street musicians, but this was a first, combination of a very good opera singer accompanied by accordion!

Leiden boasts several historic churches, very impressive.

There are many waterways and bridges, even a few draw bridges.

Plenty of water traffic.

De Appelboom (The Appletree) from 1594...

Like in most Dutch towns, lots of bicycles, but some of these seem to have been parked here for a long time...

The waterfront.

Good combination with the wood sculpted fish.

Playing ball in front of a church.

Narrow cobble stone streets...

A 2009 sculpture from Theo van de Vathorst about Willem van Oranje's gift of the university to the city of Leiden in 1575.

More symbols from the past.

Leiden boasts several poem murals in various languages with Dutch translation!

A great place for a break and a beer, which I did of course.

Interesting wall decorations.

So many historical buildings here....

'Het draait rechtsom' (it turns clockwise), also scientific murals!

Rembrandt was born in Leiden and as kind of memorial they came up with this neat idea.

Not a bad result!

To be honest I never liked opera, but this impressed me so much that I bought their cd.

You can find more about them here:

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