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Magic Bus

While cycling I passed a parking place with a flock of colorful tour buses.

The extremely gaudy decorations focus mainly on Japanese Manga heroes and the occasional American super hero.

There is also usually a strong emphasis on 'cuteness'...

Kitsch comes to mind as well, by the way the main guy's name is Luffy...

A cyborg version of the Hulk, I'd never seen that one before!

They look almost ready for take off...

Eagle head?

An updated Bambi, complete with the (in)famous Michelin dolls!

Just some stripes, I guess they'd run out of comic books.

Kind of lightning effect, which makes a lot of sense if you go 'BUS RACING IN HIGHWAY'...

Now we are talking, this one looks like the real deal, ready to kick some serious ass!!!

Nah, 'live for speed' or not, this character 'Arale Norimaki' is way too cute!

A grumpy Junior PTT mascot...

There's our bird again!

I actually like the reflected palm tree most...

Back view.

DNA Linebus: a family bus for the new power generation!

Too flowery for my taste.

Same, same.

A rather unusual Mitsubishi decoration.

This 'monster Iron Maiden'' bus I encountered at a bus stop 2 weeks later.

Confidence inspiring: AREE Proferssional Bus! I can only hope their driving is better than their spelling...

Big colorful Thai letters on top.

And this 'psycho clown' was in front of Central Westgate!


That same night I had some really weird dreams, even weirder than usual, no surprise I guess...

The Art58Koen Master Blaster VIP Bus

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