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Makkasan Station

For railway buffs, the Makkasan Train Factory has been frustrating as it's completely off-limits, or at least seems so. Apparently, in the past it was still possible to just wander around, but (not surprisingly) those in charge put an end to that.

Another more important issue is that most of this State Railway of Thailand (SRT) property looks like an overrun park, but not open to the public.

However, the future of Makkasan as a potential new park is highly doubtful as there are plans to build a massive tower by CP there instead (*), despite the fact that in 2006 the Train Repair Plant, Makkasan Workshop (built in 1922) was awarded for conservation! (**)

Ticket windows of the still active, but rather run-down, Makkasan Railway Station.

Therefore a visit by Tim and me seemed in order before the whole area turns into a construction site.

Makkasan Station is still functional for trains running to Pattaya, Chachoengsao, and Aranyaprathet (& all the way to Ban Klong Luk border nowadays!).

Opposite the station, are various trains and a huge depot/factory hidden by a wall.

Rail maintenance trolleys are still in use.

This one obviously isn't anymore!

Sad really...

Another abandoned tool, whatever its purpose might have been...

At more than a few Thai stations, there's no lack of disintegrating equipment.

Sometimes even new equipment is left outside, open to the elements.

Baiyoke Tower in the distance.

A railway feline amidst corroded rails.

One of the official entrances where we dropped by to say 'Hello', but despite this friendly approach - unlike CNN (***) - we were firmly told to sod off...

Quite a few wooden shacks along that line.

Not that old really.

A sneaky look inside through a fence!

End of the line...

Abandoned Kiha 183 train...

A very new-looking bridge.

Inspected by Tim, he approved of it!

More rails left to crumble away...

Makkasan's airport link station, it's huge!

A peek over the wall revealed nothing but overgrown tracks...

The Bike/Running Lane is a disgrace, it seems to be more used for dumping garbage...

At the end of that lane, it was possible to look over the wall and glimpse part of the train cemetery... It might have been possible there to climb over the wall but 'breaking & entering' is not really cool.

The whole area looked more like somewhere upcountry than a train depot.

A smaller area separated by a backroad, but just as green (& with plenty of rubbish too)...

The last part was tricky as the back road ended at Chaturathit Road which has no footpath...

Desolate really...

Walking along Chaturathit Road is definitely not recommended, only for Mad Dogs & Englishmen. (****)

Rust brown is a very popular color here...

Guards must have spotted us earlier and consequently, repairmen started adding additional barbed wire to make sure that we couldn't enter ;-)

Lots and lots of equipment gathering dust, uh rust...

An old steam locomotive!

Luckily the ones at Thonburi Locomotive Depot are in much better condition!

I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happens and this place will be left alone for another 10-15 years.

We were getting near the exit for which I was very grateful as I didn't feel comfortable walking here at all.

Final view on old and (still) new equipment out in the open...

To avoid misunderstanding, part of the train depot is still actively used for train repairs/refitting, but a large area is derelict...




(****) Tim being English, that leaves me to be the ...... :-(

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The Bike/Running Lane is the odd thingie on the right.

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