Cycling around Khlong Mahasawat

The earlier I manage to kick myself out of bed (not easy by the way!) the cooler it will be on the road or at least for a few minutes. Today was no different, despite getting up at 05.30 and leaving soon afterwards it didn't take long for the sweat to start pouring out (disgusting...).

I checked out an old footbridge at Wat Sriprawat across Klong Mahasawat I’d seen before, but it was in poor state, also nearby dogs didn’t encourage any further investigations. Cycling further to the next bridge after my first nasty dog encounter, at least the owner called her beast back, still not a great experience.

The bridge in question is only suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and motor cyclists, stairs were added on the side which is necessary as some parts are seriously steep.

On the other side I cycled along a narrow path until a (primitive) railway crossing. Like crossing any street, look left, right and left again before crossing, no warning signals here!

A dirt track got me onto a ‘proper’ road and the traffic increased a bit. I passed Sala Thammasop Railway ’Station’ and cruised onwards to the next bridge back.

Not the most adventurous trip but quite relaxing despite another attempt of a local dog to take a bite out of me, again its owner was nearby and managed to (kind of) control it.

I took a slight detour past the Moral Uplifting Society temple and stopped for a photo. Despite the stop my morals remained as dubious as ever.

18 km later I was back home again, eager for a shower and coffee, though not necessarily at the same time…

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