Markets, Mosques and Martabak(*)

At present I’m on an inspection trip of the deep south of Thailand with my friend Frans.

Today we left Songkhla (I’ll post about it later) and drove to Pattani.

According to travel warnings from various countries this is dangerous territory, Thai version of Black Hawk Down...

Granted, there are more than a few military checkpoints along the way and armed soldiers in town, but I still consider crossing a busy street in Bangkok more tricky!

Overall friendly people, tasty food, good roads and plenty of goats!

Pattani itself is a much larger town than I’d expected; huge harbor area, food markets, mosques and roti selling places abound.

Today's highlight were the fantastic traditional fishing boats but let the other photos speak for themselves!

We visited the Krue Se Mosque as well as the Wang Yaring Governor's House.

In Yaring street signs are decorated with a fish whereas Pattani ones have a little canon on top, representing the province’s symbol; the 17th-century Phaya Tani siege cannon.

Pattani still has an active fishing fleet, but not sure for how long as local government seems to be implementing restrictions.

Guard dog on board!

Pattani’s Chinatown is definitely worth checking out as there are old shophouses and some interesting exhibits to be seen.

We managed to find the Kallayani Wattana Institute of Arts and Culture, excellent displays and information.

Brand new samlors!

The Tetwiwat Market is a classic fresh market with all kinds of products on sale, including these funky chickens…

And like Songkhla, Pattani has some cool street art as well!

But perhaps strangest of all, we didn't meet any other Western tourists...

Good for us, but a shame for them, because Pattani is worth a visit!

(*) A delicious type of pancake, fried and filled with eggs, minced meat, spices and onions.

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