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Mini Super On Wheels

One of the things I noticed almost immediately when I started living here in the late 80s were the pick-up trucks driving into our Soi selling all kinds of products, from kitchen utensils to fresh vegetables and other foodstuffs.

Later these became much less active on the roads, but recently there has been a sort of revival partly because of Covid I guess, especially alongside building sites.

These grocery shops on wheels are called ‘Rot Phumphuang’ in Thai and doing a good trade these days.

Very convenient service.

Notice the loudspeaker on top, they can be seriously noisy!

The amount of plastic bags used is actually massive and unsustainable nowadays, but I must admit that I can’t think of any sustainable alternative…

Hats, flip-flops, shirts, cushions, etc., are on sale too.

No need to go to any clothes shop.

Stationary too!

No, my bike is not on sale!

It is fascinating to see how the saleswoman is somehow squeezed among all the vegetables, fruit, slabs of meat, and more.

Not sure if my theory (she isn’t allowed to get out until everything is sold) is correct, but it’s hard to imagine her leaving her workplace otherwise!

No such service in our mooban though, the 7-11 and Mini Big C are too close…

UPDATE (25-05-2021)

Early this morning I saw one standing in front of the 7-11 doing a brisk trade!

And when I came back from my cycling trip I found this one selling oranges inside our mooban...

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