More than halfway

Time can act weird, for some reason Day 9 seemed to be dragging on and on, despite the fact that the end is in sight.

One reason might have been the poor night of sleep before, that never helps of course...

At the end of the day though I finally got productive again.

With virtually all photos on this blog I try not to use any filters, mainly use Snapseed (*) for the frames and the Yellow title thingy, quite different from the past when I used plenty of BeFunky (**) filters.

So for this particular post I went back to BeFunky as the results seemed more appropriate for my mood that day.

The grungy frames too do a good job!

Of course I could just jump outside and run past the guard outside but that wouldn't be very smart ;-)

Light at the end of the tunnel?!

Behind bars.

Cleaning goes on as usual.

My daily green Test 'highway'.

Day 9 felt like this!

When I was about to leave the 'Relaxing area' some other inmates arrived at the are next to mine, first time I saw any!

No worries, next post will be unfiltered again!



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