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Morning Has Broken

Occasionally I encounter bike problems and go on walkabouts instead.

Recently this happened again and although I prefer cycling, walking in certain ways is better as the slow pace is perfect for taking photos.

This elevated concrete path, just behind our 'mooban', goes through a small nature area with some orchards for lack of a better word.

Classic early morning scene of monks doing their rounds.

The market was as good as deserted that day.

It had rained the night before which made flowers like these really stand out.

These towers are not particularly attractive but our wifi depends on them I guess...

Advertising is pasted on almost anything until it fades away...

Food vendors continue their business as usual, covid or not.

Moo ping, aroi maak!

Artistic and realistic tree leaves!

A lion statue was put up in a tree.

I often see this, at times with broken statues, wondering if once damaged they still have any spiritual powers left...

Less fun, two Hannibal Lecter dogs, pretty scary to be honest!

A cure cat family guarding a 'crypt'.

Dreamy water reflection image.

Nature can be endlessly fascinating.

On her way home or a market? Who knows...

Wish I had been closer for this photo as I loved the contrast of the orange monks' robes with the light green.

A multi-eyed alien creature from the planet Zorg or perhaps a blooming lotus flower?

A different phase of the lotus.

Just a leaf perhaps, but of incredibly intricate construction...

A lotus flower getting ready to bloom soon.

Insects doing their rounds.

Chaos composition.

A rather prickly plant!

This red/pink colour is very, very intense!

This one I'd never seen before!

I had to consult my plant/flower identification app (my sister!).

She told me that these are Baobab tree flowers!

I've given up buying lottery tickets a long time ago, the sellers' slogan 'tomorrow rich' is similar to 'tomorrow free beer'.

Not sure whether 7-11 approved of this little private enterprise.

Take away in front of a school.

This is where the workers responsible for all fancy new housing estates live...

A happy local farmer.

The 'moto-cy' taxi stand with their intriguing, though faded, mascot...

Most of the new building's shops aren't in use yet, but birds make good use of them!

Don't they love their wires?!

Lots of plants and flowers are cultivated in this area.

And a mirror shot at the end of the walk to finish it off!

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