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Night Time Is The Right Time part 2 (April 2021 - May 2022)

April 2021: Previously I’d made a post about my Banglumpoo at night visit (*) and how it had changed into a zombie landscape.

Well, I got some suggestions to have a look on a Friday or Saturday night and that's what I decided to do.

Different for sure with lots of visitors, the majority being Thai of course, no surprise, but still it was weird.

Around 10+ places along the strip are open, but only a few were doing good business.

One place in particular had dressed-up party lovers queuing outside!

In front of the restaurants/bars, staff were offering anyone who was interested buckets, laughing gas, and more.

A few food stalls and henna hair stands were scattered around on both sides.

So yes, there is life during Covid in Khao San, but compared to what it used to be…

Oh, for those wondering about social distancing, etc., face masks are worn outside but once inside it’s party time!


And here we are one year further, in May 2022, Thailand finally opened up for tourism!

Therefore last Tuesday I had another look and things are slowly picking up, see for yourself.

Fruit stalls started coming back. Not many people bother with face masks any longer.

Bags of ice delivery., booze has to be served cold after all!

MAN SE! still empty though, but it was relatively still early in the evening,

Not like pre-covid, but things are improving.

Like old times: 'Strong cocktails here!' 'Cheap!!'

Looking a bit lost...

Setting up another stall.

'Tomorrow rich!' I guess only locals buy his tickets.

Almost ready for action, which is suitable for the whole area really!

You can forget about driving your car later here tonight!

Finally, as usual ‘music’ was blasting throughout Khao San, loud and distorted... When you walk in the middle of the road, various songs are mashed up into something unrecognizable. To call it a Wall of Sound would be an insult to Phil Spector (**), he'd be turning around in his grave... Wall of Noise is probably more suitable!

Whatever, Khiri Travel had a group of 55 students here earlier this month and they had a great time!



#photoblog #photography #Thailand #streetphotography #local #urbanexploration #openthailandsafely #music #bangkok #banglumpoo #khaosanroad

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