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Old School Coffee

Last week I went to Chinatown on a coffee shop 'expedition' which was good fun (*).

However afterwards I couldn't help noticing a very old shop named Eiah Sae 益生.

Unfortunately, I couldn't handle any more cups of coffee and promised myself to check it out another time.

This morning I returned and had a good look inside this more than 60-year-old establishment.

The clientele seemed to consist of mainly old guys who must have been around since the opening!

As you can see it can get quite sociable.

Classic old signboard claiming 60 years of good coffee!

A feline regular is Brownie, very smart looking too!

The kitchen is pretty basic, which is fine as they mainly sell egg custard on toast, soft-boiled eggs, toast with butter, jam, or chocolate spread, not exactly high cuisine but it will fill your stomach (& destroy any diet you might have following).

For drinks, there are some teas (lemon iced tea, traditional Thai black tea and Thai milk tea) and good old traditional Thai coffee (Cafe Boran).

I didn't ask for it and Brownie didn't really care much for this either, but still...

Brownie appreciated my right shoe much more!

Don't expect any fancy stuff, forget about latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or espresso, just plain old filtered through an old sock (**) Robusta served with sweet condensed milk...

I ordered one and automatically got served an ice cafe boran, which perhaps was even better!


(**) Don't worry, not one of mine ;-)

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