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On a slow boat to ...

In the past boats used to be the main form of transport in and around Bangkok, but there's still plenty of boat traffic happening in all kinds of shapes.

There have been several posts on this blog about transportation, but most concern trains, buses, and some weird vehicles.

This one is obviously about boats though and mainly on the Chao Phraya River.

Piers nowadays are much safer than in the past, following the 1995 accident all piers were reinforced. (*)

Mooring the boat can be tricky, it depends very much on the captain's skills.

The above one is a newer catamaran type, Riva Express, which I still haven't tried out. (**)

Therefore I ended up taking one of the older standard express boats.

Catching the Rama VIII bridge from a boat in the early evening is usually a pleasure.

Getting off at Phra Arthit Pier.

At Khlong Bang Yai rocket boats are still used.

They function mainly as taxi boats for locals and occasionally tourists.

An authentic floating market vendor!

This gives some indication of the speed of rocket boats.

Ferryboat on the way to Koh Kret.

Tug boat passing Wat Bangchak's huge Buddha image.

Another ferry boat, sometimes they're used for going around Koh Kret.

Standard Chao Phraya Express boat passing Koh Kret's Leaning Pagoda.

A sturdier tug boat.

A tourist longtail boat in front of Wat Arun, still widely used but noisy as Hell.

Garbage collecting boat on Khlong Saen Saeb.

Captain of a ferry boat.

The MINE SMART FERRY is a different cup of tea: fully electric and supposedly no emission! (***)

They're stationed at Wat Kien in Nonthaburi.

At present they've 23 boats running between Phra Pinklao Bridge - Sathorn.

Until now I still haven't tried them out...




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