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One Man's Junk...

Last month I revisited the large flea/junk market in Amsterdam held on the grounds of the NDSM shipyard.

The biggest difference was that this time most of the selling was done inside one of the buildings of the old IJ-Hallen complex. (*) This was just as well as the weather had turned miserable again.

Some of the more unusual items put up for sale!

Old pocket watches, I used to have one too many years ago.

Alternative skeleton use...

Something else not often seen: A pregnant mannequin

A well-known Dutch delicacy: Poffertjes (tiny pancakes)

Outside sale of old clocks and musical instruments.

This little kid seemed more interested in old banknotes than smurfs, shame on him!

Various old teaspoons...

In the old vinyl records section my fingers were itching, but I don't have a record player anymore...

As a kid, I had a decent collection of similar pins, they were very popular for a while.

A bit of artistic creepy-crawly flavor is always welcome.

Huge machinery is still part of the interior, always cool.

Ancient equipment painted over...

God knows how many times I have been browsing in record shops like this...

Serious floor tiles!

It used to be a massive workplace...

I didn't see my old Matchbox or Husky fire engine ;-)

Crude and clumsy, but also very charming in a way!

Loads and loads of old postcards...

Orient Airlines without tail..., luckily my KLM flights to and from Holland were with a better plane!

Old tin cans in all kinds of sizes and shapes...

A very early reader!


After 2 hours of wandering around, I felt a bit like that guy...

(*) Here you can find pics of my first visit:

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